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Intabloid works as an independent organization which is dedicated to collect national as well as international trending news stories. It brings to you unbiased news content from various categories which include, Technology, Trending Latest news from India as well as outside.

Our aim is to evolve and work towards our passion to bring insightful news reports. We report the latest news content to our readers.  Our journey has just begun and we are capable of much more with a clear aim to use the journalistic power for betterment at a global level.

We cover the latest news in the fastest possible time while simultaneously ensuring that we make the content unique for our readers.

Want to Know More About Our Team – 

  1. Sushant – He is basically a tech writer and loves to write the articles related to smartphone and telecom industry…know More
  2. Punam – She is also the tech writer but she mainly focuses on the news related to gadgets and other….know More
  3. Lucky – He is the replica of Sushant, Every time wants to write the things about new smartphones, new launches and telecom….know more
  4. Intabloid – It’s me the main website owner. I love to write all types of technology news. Whether it is a gadget, smartphone, telecom, cars, or any other…to know more read my articles here