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  • WordPress SEO plugins simplify this process.
  • RankMath SEO Plugin helps in SEO, Indexing, Sitemap
  • It offers 3 different plans
  • Business Plan, Pro Plan & Agency Plan

WordPress SEO Plugin: Your WordPress site will undoubtedly load faster and perform better in search engine results if you find a fantastic host. But there’s a lot more to it, like the keywords you use for your blog posts and product sites, the size of your picture files, and whether or not your content is legible. Numerous WordPress SEO plugins simplify this process.

With the help of SEO plugins, you may learn how to make your content more search-engine friendly. The actual optimization effort, though, is still your responsibility. WordPress comes with all the features and tools you need to produce content that is search-engine friendly out of the box.

Even for expert website owners, SEO is difficult to understand. For the majority of website owners, it is difficult to identify posts and pages with high potential, correct broken links, reorganise the site’s structure, or perform a thorough SEO audit. However, you’ll be well on your way to search engine success when you have the appropriate tools and the expertise necessary to use those tools.

In this article, we are sharing the details of the Best WordPress SEO Plugin that will help boost your search presence, rankings, sitemaps, indexing and many more. Read this article until the end and you will know how RankMath SEO Plugin can help you appear in Google Search Results.

About RankMath: Best WordPress SEO Plugin

With built-in recommendations based on widely-accepted best practices, the WordPress SEO plugin Rank Math makes it simple for anyone to improve their content. Structured data makes it simple to adjust crucial SEO settings, decide which pages are indexable, and determine how you want your website to appear in search results.

Rankmath wordpress SEO Plugin
RankMath – WordPress SEO plugin

RankMath Setup

In a sense, Rank Math configures itself. A step-by-step installation and configuration procedure provided by Rank Math correctly configure SEO for WordPress.

Rank Math checks your site’s settings after installation and suggests the best ones for optimum performance. The SEO, social networks, webmaster profiles, and other SEO settings are then configured by the step-by-step wizard for your website.

User Interface

Being the best WordPress SEO Plugin, Rank Math is made to give you the appropriate information at the appropriate time. The user interface is straightforward but effective, emphasising key details about your postings alongside the post itself. You may immediately increase the SEO of your content by using this information.

Additionally, Rank Math offers sophisticated snippet previews. You can see a preview of your post’s appearance in the SERPs, rich snippets, and even when it is shared on social media.


When it comes to responding to support requests, RankMath has one of the quickest turnaround rates. It offers assistance as though we had requested it. The crew is ready to assist at all times.

RankMath Price & Plans

Although the WordPress SEO Plugin is free to use, there are some features that do not come with the free version. To use these premium versions you will have to pay some amount. The Rank Math Plugin offers three different paid plans. These plans are on the basis of the Agency, Business, & Pro plans. Below are the details of three different plans of RankMath.

Agency Plan of RankMath WordPress SEO Plugin

This is the first plan offered by RanMath to website owners. The plan price is $499 which is roughly equal to Rs.41,000 for one year. The agency Plan of RankMath supports 500 client websites and offers 600 Content AI credits. It can track up to 50,000 keywords and have a powerful scheme generator. In addition, you will also get 24/7 priority support.

RankMath Business Plan

Business Plan suitable for freelancers and businesses. If you are running multiple blogs, and clients’ blogs, then this plan is perfect for you. The Business plan costs $199 which is roughly equal to Rs.16,400 for one year. The Business Plan of RankMath supports 100 client websites and offers 125 Content AI credits. It can track up to 10,000 keywords and have a powerful scheme generator. In addition, you will also get 24/7 priority support.

Pro Plan

RankMath, the WordPress SEO plugin also offer PRO plan especially for bloggers, individuals and solopreneurs. The PRO plan costs $59 which is roughly equal to Rs.4,900. PRO plan of RankMath supports unlimited personal websites and offers 15 Content AI credits. It can track up to 500 keywords and have a powerful scheme generator. In addition, you will also get 24/7 priority support.

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