How To Activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) On WordPress

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  • Two factor Authentication provides extra layer of security.
  • It protects from the attacks of hackers.
  • Wordfence is the best plugin for 2FA.

2FA on WordPress: Using two factor authentication, you may confirm that your identity is real twice. The goal is to give users’ accounts stronger protection against unauthorised access. Its goal is to lessen the risk of fraud and make cyberattacks more difficult. It is a layer that protects your website or blog from unauthorized access.

Need of 2FA on WordPress

With two-factor authentication, you must complete a two-step process in addition to entering your password to log in. Typically, it takes the form of an SMS, a call, or a time-based one-time password (TOTP). This usually prevents brute force attacks on your WordPress site with a 100% success rate.

Failed Login Attempts On WordPress
Failed Login Attempts On WordPress

If you are using WordPress, then you have also seen such kinds of messages shown above. But, what it means? Why are you getting these messages? If you haven’t seen these messages then go to the activity section of your WordPress blog.

This simply means that someone is trying to enter the admin panel of your website or blog. If they entered then they can make changes to whatever they want or even delete the data. So, what is the solution?

The solution is to give an extra layer of security to the login. And 2FA on WordPress is the right choice. Below we are sharing details of a WordPress Plugin that will help you to enable the two-factor authentication on login.

Best Plugin For Two Factor Authentication (2FA) On WordPress

There are several plugins available on WordPress with which you can activate the 2FA on your blog or website. One such plugin is WordFence. As the same suggests Word means WordPress & Fence means protection. This WordPress plugin helps to give an extra layer of security to the logins. If somehow hackers know your password, then they will also have to enter the code shown in Authenticator and after that login will get approved.

Security Plugin For WordPress
WordFence: Security Plugin For WordPress

So, now the question is how to activate the 2FA authentication on WordPress. Well, with just few steps you will be able to turn on the 2FA for your WordPress Blog or website. Just follow the steps provided below:

  • First of all open the admin panel or the dashboard of your website/blog.
  • Now click on the plugins.
  • Now click on Add New.
  • Search for the WordFence plugin.
  • Click Install and then Activate the plugin.
  • After the proper installation, open the plugin and on your phone open the authenticator app.
  • On the appl click on + sign and scan the QR code shown on the PC.
  • After that enter, the code shown on phone on the plugin menu and the 2FA will be activated. The next time when you log in with your password, you will also have to enter the six digits code on the login menu. Then only you can enter the admin panel.

Share this information so that everyone can activate the 2FA on their WordPress Blogs and give a new layer of safety.

If you know any other WordPress Plugin For Website Security then do let us know in the comments. 

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