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Sushant is a tech freak and you can easily find him searching for news and leaks regarding the upcoming smartphones. He has written on many websites regarding tech news, education news, and health-related articles. In the free time, you can find him trying his hands on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and sometimes hands on the bottle of coca-cola. All the news articles on Indtabloid are published by Sushant only. He is author cum editor on Intabloid. Experience of more than 5 years has made him the editor and author on Intabloid. You can reach him at or on


Anu is a technology & telecom news writer on Intabloid. She collects news from the various authentic news sources and then writes it on the website. One of her favourite thing to do is to write review articles and impress his audience with minute product details


Lucky is a technology lover and use to write on the telecom industry news and updates. He loves to write on any topic. You can give him any topic and he will give it back to you in the minimum time. He started writing 5 years back when someone offers him Rs 50 for 300 words. From that day to this day he is continuously writing on various topics. You can ask him about anything about the telecom industry. You can reach him at


Punam is a passionate writer, and tech-savvy. Punam is a contributor and author on Intabloid. She is here to update you with all the latest technology news and much more, so enjoy and stay updated! You can connect to her at

Kashish Sharma

Kashish is a technology news contributor on Intabloid. He collects news stories from the authority websites and then shares them on Intabloid. He has worked on the various high authority news website. Apart from the writing content, he loves traveling on his bike to different places. His dream is to buy the Suzuki Hayabusa. You can contact him at


Intabloid is a news website that publishes the technology and telecom news stories timely. The main aim of the website is to provide relevant and informational news stories to our readers. We believe that timely publishing news can serve many peoples. You can reach us at
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