AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU Can Be Launched In 2019- A Few Weeks From Now!

Rumors started to circulate about the release of AMD Ryzen CPU 16-core next-generation even before the CES 2019. But we got to hear nothing about it in the real show. And now once again, a few weeks ere of Computex 2019, people are spreading rumors about the same. TUM_APISAK, Thai hardware leaker has posted some specifications of 16-core Ryzen CPU, but he hasn’t yet mentioned which one. Moreover, according to TUM_APISAK, the CPU has a 3.3GHz base clock speed along with a 4.2GHz speed. However, since this is the engineering sample, the specifications can improve before the official launch. Also, about the chip, all we know is that is was tasted on a motherboard of the expected X570 platform controller.

When Is The AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU 16 Core Releasing?

Other specifications are hidden as for now but it might supports multi-threading. Moreover, TUM_APISAK also stated that he might upload a screenshot of the benchmark anytime soon. Previous rumors about AMD Ryzen was that it would add a Ryzen 9 tier to the product that will match the Intel’s Core i9 desktop CPU. AMD Ryzen can release its next-generation series processors at Computex 2019. The CEO can preview them with a ceremonial launch on July 7, this year.

So, you can be certain that you will see an AMD X570 motherboard at Computex 2019. The MSI has also tweeted a teaser animation of the motherboard model with Wi-Fi 6 integration. Meanwhile, Yuri Bubliy, the developer of Ryzen DRAM Calculator has stated that the upcoming Ryzen 3000 series will support DDR4 RAM and more than 5000MHz overclocking.

You can also expect AMD will increase the core count with 16 cores and 12 threads. It will make it more standard among the Ryzen 3 range. The brand will launch 7nm desktop Ryzen CPUs and 7nm Epyc CPUs with Rome architecture and 7nm ‘Navi’ GPUs everything in this year.


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