Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone, See the Difference Between Two

Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone: Months back, Reliance Jio launched the Jio Phone 2. The phone is the latest 4G VoLTE feature phone of the company and the upgrade to the last year launched Jio Phone 2. This new phone of Jio comes with various upgrades. Here we are sharing the differences between the two phones i.e Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2.

Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone

Price: The price of Jio Phone is Rs.2,999 which is approximately double the price of Jio Phone. The price of Jio Phone is Rs.1500. Buyers of Jio Phone 2 can exchange their old phone and can get the Jio Phone 2 at just Rs.501.

Keypad Difference: The biggest difference between the two phone is the design. The Jio Phone comes with an alphanumeric keypad while the Jio Phone 2 has a QWERTY Keypad. The screen size is also bigger in the Jio Phone 2.

Sim Configuration The second big difference between Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 is the sim configuration. On one side the Jio Phone comes with a single sim slot, the Jio Phone 2 comes with a dual sim. Users can use any sim in the second sim slot. Only Sim 1 that is Jio sim supports 4G network while the second sim only supports 2G network.

Specificifications: Both the smartphone runs on KaiOS. The Jio Phone 2 comes with Youtube and Whatsapp out of the box while the Jio Phone will soon get the support of Whatsapp and Youtube. Both the phone comes with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The camera of the phone is also the same. Tell us in comments whether you will consider buying Jio Phone 2 or any other.



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