Airtel Prepaid Plan With 3GB Data Per Day Comparison With Jio Prepaid Plan With 3GB Data Per Day

Airtel has a prepaid plan that offers 3GB data per day for a validity of 82 days. This plan competes with Jio prepaid plan 299 that offers 3GB data per day. The Airtel prepaid plan 558 is available for selected users and users can check that whether the plan is available for them or not on the official website of Airtel or on the My Airtel App. Here is the difference between the Airtel 3GB data per day pack and Jio 3GB data per day pack.

Airtel Prepaid Plan 558 & Jio Prepaid Plan 299 Details and Benefits

Firstly let’s check the price, and in terms of pricing, the Jio Prepaid Plan 299 is cheaper as compared to the Airtel 558 plan. There is a difference of Rs 257. But this difference is worth. Airtel is offering validity of 82 days in its plan which is approximately triple to the validity of the Jio Prepaid Plan 299.

This means to match with the validity of the Airtel prepaid plan 558, one must recharge their number thrice and then they will get validity of 82 days (28+28+28 = 84 days). So if you have Airtel sim card and Jio sim card and looking for a plan with 3GB data per day then Airtel 558 prepaid plan is worth.

The validity of the Airtel prepaid plan 558 is 82 days while Jio is offering validity of 28 days. Both the plans offer free and unlimited calls along with the 100 free SMS per day. ALl calls i.e local, STD and roaming calls are free and unlimited in these two plans.



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