Vodafone Prepaid Plan 189 Launched With Free Calling and Data Benefits For 56 Days

After launching the Vodafone Prepaid plan 279 now the Vodafone India has launched another new prepaid plan 189 for its users in which the telecom operator is offering free calls, and data. The pack offers all these benefits for 56 days. Sadly, there are no free SMS benefits in the plan 189 of Vodafone, there are no free SMS benefits and the data usage is also limited. Below are the details of the Vodafone Prepaid Plan 189. Check it out.

Vodafone Prepaid Plan 189 Details

Digging into the details of Vodafone Plan 189, the plan comes with only calling and data benefits. Starting with the calls, all calls are free in this plan. But free doesn’t mean unlimited. The calling is limited to 250 minutes per day and 1000 minutes per week. The free calling in this plan is only limited to the 100 unique numbers.

Talking about the data benefits in the Vodafone Prepaid Plan 189, the plan offers only 2GB data for the entire validity period. Well, after looking into the benefits of the plan, it looks a good plan for the users who don’t use the Internet much. The best part of the plan is the validity. This new prepaid plan of Vodafone offers 56 days validity. This is the cheapest plan under Rs 200 that offers 56 days validity.

Vodafone Prepaid Plan 279

A couple of days back, Vodafone launched the cheapest plan under Rs 300 that offers free calls and data benefits. Vodafone launched the Vodafone plan 279 with free calls and data. The plan comes with a validity of 84 days. All calls are free in this plan with a daily limit of 250 minutes and 1000 minutes limit per week.

As of now, there is no plan available in the market under Rs 300 that offers 84 days validity. The data usage in this plan is limited to 4GB. Vodafone has several other prepaid plans that offer free calling and daily data usage limit.



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