Airtel Prepaid Recharge Plan 597 & 998 Offers Unlimited Calling & Data Usage For Upto 336 Days

Bharti Airtel has several plans in which it is offering free calling, data, and SMS. These are combo plans and comes with the daily data usage limit. But the company also has plans in which it is offering free calling, data benefits for up to 336 days.

These plans do not come with daily data usage but have some amount of data. Actually, these plans are basically for all those customers who only focus on the calling and some amount of data usage. These two prepaid recharge plans of Airtel are plan 597 and plan 998. So, what it offers, here are the details.

Airtel Prepaid Recharge Plan 597 & 998 Details

Airtel Plan 597: As said above that the plan only comes with free calling and some amount of data. Plan 597 of Airtel offers 168 days validity which is approximately equal to 5 months.

In this plan, all the calls are unlimited. Whether you call a local number or STD number, there are no charges on calls. Also, the roaming STD calls are also free. In terms of data usage, the plan offers a total of 6GB data. Users can use the data at any time.

Airtel Recharge 998: If you are looking for the plan that offers up to one-year validity, then this plan is perfect for you. The plan offers double benefits as compared to plan 597. In the recharge plan 998, users will get a total of 336 days validity which is equal to the 11 months.

Other benefits i.e calling is similar to plan 997. In this plan all local, std, and roaming calls are free. There are no extra charges on the calling. The plan offers a total of 12GB of data usage.


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