Google Play Store Has Removed Some Popular Apps!

After receiving some reports from a large scale of users, Google Play Store has removed some popular apps from its platform! Some of those apps are developed by DU Groups from China.  Users have reported that the apps are involved in fraud activities. These apps used to consume too much of your battery resource as well as they draw clicks from various types of advertisements even when they are not running in your device’s background. One of the apps that are right now in the fraud list is Selfie Camera which had over 50 million downloads in the Play store.

What Are the Other Apps That Are Removed From the Play Store?

There is a list of  5,000 popular plus fraud apps that Google Play Store removed recently. These apps are developed by a Chinese developer, DU Group. Researchers have confirmed through some analysis that these apps are potentially dangerous for your device and data. Researchers have also found that during the installation and after the installation, the apps used to ask for unnecessary permission and later committed fraud actions by using those permissions.

The analysis report has also mentioned that there are 6 apps that are involved in illegal practices and they have over 90 million downloads in total. If you do not know about DU Group, it is a Chinese application development company and the developer of popular Baidu which has over 1 billion downloads in all over the globe.

Selfie Camera, RAM Master, Omni Cleaner, Total Cleaner, Smart Cooler, and AIO Flashlight are the 6 apps that used to send users data to China. Now the question is, is Google Play Store even safe to download apps from? If not, where can we? It is not Google’s fault though. And they are trying to come up with some stringent policies for developers so that this type of thing does not happen in the future.



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