How to Take ScreenShot in Windows 10 (2019 Updated)

Well, taking a screenshot in Windows 10 is not a tough task. Even a layman can also take a snapshot if he told once. It is a game of two buttons on the Keyboard. Just press the two buttons at the same time and the snap will be saved on the drive. This is not the only method to capture the screenshot in Windows but there are few more.

Ways To Capture ScreenShot in Windows 10

1. With the Windows Button & Prt Sc

This method is a famous method to save the snap. With this method, the screenshot is automatically saved to the pictures folder under the screenshot subfolder. Now the question is how to click the snapshot? On the keyboard of your laptop simply press the window button + Prt sc SysRq button. When you press both the button at the same time, the screen is captured.

2. With Only Prt Screen Button (Prt Sc SysRq)

This is the second way to capture the windows 10 screenshot. In this way, the image will not be saved automatically. You will have to save it on your own. Simply press Prt Sc SysRq button. Now open the Paint in windows and then press Ctrl+V. In case if you need some editing then do it on paint and save it.

3. With Alt+Prt Sc SysRq

This is the best way to capture the screenshot if you only need the current window image or snap. For example, if you are working on chrome and simultaneously on the Sticky Notes and you only want to take the screenshot of the sticky notes current window, then use this method. You just have to press the Alt+prt sc SysRq button. But the image will not get saved by itself. You will have to paste it or in any document by pressing Ctrl+V.

4. Windows + Shift +S

This is the 4th way and also the best way if you specifically want a screenshot of a particular area. For example, if you want to take a snapshot of a single paragraph on chrome and not want to take the full screenshot. Then this way of taking the snapshot is good. Once you press the Windows+S+Shift key it will ask you to select the area for which you want to take the snap. Just select that area and paste it anywhere. After that, you can save the image on your laptop.



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