How You Can Secure Gmail Account (Updated 2019)

You don’t even know and imagine how much data can anyone steal from your Gmail account if someone hacked your Gmail account. It’s better that you don’t search this on Google and instead of this search how to secure your Gmail account from being hacked. If someone hacks Gmail account of yours then this is big trouble for you. All your personal data, contacts, even images of files in Google Drive will be lost. Instead of worrying about the email hacking you should be aware of the thing that how can you secure your Gmail account.

Don’t Set An Easy Password for Your Gmail Account

First thing first, doesn’t ever set an easy password for your account. People some times set password like name number (XYZ123) or sometimes they set the password a word which they usually say many times. So ignore these types of passwords. Instead of this type of password use the combination of numbers, characters, alphabets, etc. A mixture of these will be a strong password.

You must have seen a line while you set a password for an account. The line is Password Strenght Weak, Normal and Strong. So set that password in which it shows the Strong. But don’t set any such password, that you also forget the same.

Alternate Email ID is Must

When you create an account on Gmail, it also asks to enter an alternate email Id. Don’t skip this option. This can be very helpful in case you forget the password. This email Id always gets notification of sign in or any other.

Always Enable Two-Step Verification on Gmail

After setting a strong password if you also select the two-step verification, then there is nothing best than this. Enabling this will make your account more secure and hack-proof too. Two Step verification in Gmail includes various options. There is one option called a two-way sign in. If you select this then you will have to select the number visible on the screen that matches the number visible on the registered mobile device. For example, if you sign in on a new device, then it will show a number and also a notification will be sent on the mobile with three numbers. In between three numbers you will have to select the one number which is available on the screen.

Another way is Google Authenticator. This is the best possible way. Every time you sign in on a new device, Google will ask you to enter the Google Authenticator code. The codes are always available on the Google Authenticator application. You can add multiple accounts on the Authenticator app.



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