Hindi Voice Artists Behind Avengers Endgame Movie

By: Sushant

Rajesh Khattar

In the Hindi version of the movie, Rajesh Khattar provided the voice for Robert Downey Jr.'s legendary portrayal of Iron Man.


Gaurav Chopra

The beloved Avengers superhero Thor was voiced by TV actor Gaurav Chopra, who has been in TV shows like Ek Haseena Thi, CID, and Balika Vadhu.


Neshma Chemburkar

Popular voice artist Neshma Chemburkar lent her voice for Black Widow which is originally played by actress Scarlett Johansson.

Black Widow

Joy Sen Gupta

Captain America, a well-known Marvel character voiced in the movie by Chris Evans, was dubbed by Joy Sengupta.

Captain America

Samay Raj Thakkar

The voice of Mark Ruffalo's original Hulk was provided by Samay Raj Thakkar. Samay has also provided dubbing for the iconic television series Game of Thrones in Hindi.


Ninad Kamat

Ninad Kamat dubbed for the character of MCU's Thanos which is played by actor Josh Brolin.